Turn OFFS for Men!!

Ladies, you might know how to turn a man on, but do you know what turns him off?

While there’s no doubt your feminine wiles are powerful man magnets, there are things you do – things you all do – that turn men off big time. Dare type “biggest male turn-offs” into your search engine and you’ll see there’s no shortage of information on the subject. If you’re anything like them, you’ll soon realize you’ve been turning off men since you started trying to turn them on.

Check out some of the biggest male turn-offs after the jump; let me know your thoughts in the comments below!

Having bad hygiene

This is where both sexes meet on a united front. Take care of yourself, and not only when things start getting funky.

Being high maintenance

You might be Daddy’s Little Girl but in a relationship you’re supposed to be a grown ass woman.


When a man smells a woman’s tears he becomes less attracted and sexually aroused by her. And here y’all thought it was the snot.

Staking claim at his place

Unless you’re specifically invited to occupy a drawer, leave your scented candles at home.

Friendships with your exes

“He’s a great guy, it just didn’t work out,” you say. The whole “really great guy” thing is the problem.

Making plans for him

Never make plans for him without checking first. (Note: Hacking into his calendar doesn’t count as checking either.)


He doesn’t care what color you dye your hair or which shoe looks better, just pick one and be done already, he’s hungry.

Mothering him

He loves you mothering him until he hates it. A little TLC is fine, but leave the mothering to the woman impossible to replace.


A little healthy competition is fun, sexy even. But you’re a sulky sultress every time you don’t win, you’re no fun to play with. Make love, not war.

Telling his secrets

OK, there are “secrets” and then there are secrets. You know the difference, now shhh! I suggest the loyalty and confidentiality y’all keep will encourage continued communication.

Reading articles like this

Oh, how he hates it when you read generalizations about him. Mostly because he knows they’re right.

Hating his sports

If sports are his religion, let him have them without distraction. If you really want to know the rules of the game, ask him to explain when there’s not a game on.


Perpetual lateness and putting yourself before others is an unattractive quality. Flakiness gives off the impression that he’s a temporary fixture in your life.

Acting like you know better

Stop judging his friends and family. He likes them, even if you don’t.


What do you mean constant nagging isn’t a turn-on?! Y’all don’t understand


Sister, put down the frying pan. Take a walk, shop, eat, cry, or whatever you have to do to keep your special brand of crazy on the low.

Talking too much during sex

Don’t ask him what he’s thinking (you don’t want to know), and don’t talk about the kids (if u’ve got any or are married; he doesn’t want to know, at least not right then anyway).

Giving ultimatums

Strong-arm a man into marriage and he’ll strong-arm you into the land of resentment.

Making jokes at his expense

A playful jab is probably OK when made in good spirit to the proper audience, but tread lightly.

Being a boring bedfellow

He’s more than willing to put in the work, but he doesn’t want you to just lay there. At least pretend you want to be there.

Drinking like a minor

He came to party, not to babysit. Once a lady gets sloppy, all bets are off.

Trying to change him

We’re all works in progress. Respect the man he is and the man he’ll become even without your interference.


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